Why hire a College Admission Consultant?

Preparing and applying for college is complicated.  Students need current reliable information and
assistance.  Public high school counselors have huge case loads of students with a variety of  
needs.  They often lack the time to provide quality assistance to the individual college bound student.  

A College Admission Co
nsultant is a private specialist who supports the student, parents, and high
school counselor by providing personalized guidance and professional advice regarding college
preparation, choice, application, and admission.  Learn more about Regan's expertise by visiting the
About Us page.
Start Now!

Don't wait to begin planning for college.  The college search begins now.
Visit a campus or two.  Talk with college students.  Let people know you
are planning to attend college and hear their ideas.  
Early high school
years can be very important to college admission. Here are some things
you can do immediately.

  • Talk with your school counselor about AP and Honors course
    options. If these are not options, consider enrolling in an
    appropriate community or online college course. These courses
    introduce provide the kind of academic rigor that will demonstrate
    ability and initiative on college applications.

  • Focus on studies. Improvement counts!  Colleges often decide on
    applicants based on the grades they earn during their junior year.

Take some day trips to see any colleges you can. Knowing what you don't
want in a college can be as helpful as knowing what you do want.  All
knowledge helps with the important decision of where to attend. Virtual
campus tours, though sometimes biased, are useful preliminary tools.
Directions To College
Helping you get there
"Regan is a quality
communicator who utilizes
knowledge and listening
skills to root out the most
effective ways of
maximizing our student
abilities, while challenging
us to aim and obtain new
higher goals.

Thanks Regan!"
K. Powell, Student
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Regan Ronayne Davis, M.A., College Admission Counselor

Directions To College is about discovery.   What do you want to do?  Where do you want to be?  Which
college is best?  
How will you get there?  Directions To College will help you discover the answers.

Regan Davis is Certified Educational Planner with
a master's degree in Education Counseling and
over twenty years experience helping individuals be successful in college admission and graduation.
"I am lucky to have met Ms.
Regan  when applying to
many challenging schools
in the U.S. I admit it would
have been much harder to
outline the application had
it not been for Regan's
pinpointing advice.

I was accepted to UCLA,
USC, Columbia University,
Cornell University, and UC
Berkeley thanks to Regan's
professional and kind help."